Games industry documentaries

The last few weeks iv been going to bed watching documentary’s on the games industry, software development and e-sports. Iv watched a few bad ones, but generally they have all been of quite high quality and give some interesting views/insights. Im going to list the ones i enjoyed the most, where i can i will try and provide a link to the full stream.



Properly gives the best view on the e-sports world, its a few years old (it focuses on the CPL a lot which is no longer in business) and a few things have improved a little bit for pro players since then in terms of how they are treated etc, but is defiantly still a relevant watch.


Beyond the game

This is another documentary about the e-sports scene, its a little more focused than FRAG as if follows a Warcraft 3/Starcraft 2 player ‘Grubby’. Grubby also talks alot about his growth into e-sports and the problems and decisions he had to make when he was younger to do with his family. He is quite a funny guy and i defiantly could relate to some of his story’s of his youth. As im more interested in the fps side of e-sports, i found this documentary gives a really good idea of how RTS games work in e-sports.

Watch: (For some reason i cant find the link i used to watch this, will update asap)

StarCraft: World Cyber Games 2005 (National Geographic)

This is a documentary by the national geographic, so at times it can seem a little patronizing to e-sports fans, but all the facts are correct- just dont expect any high level StarCraft 2 talk. It covers the korean StarCraft scene and follows XellOs and his progress in wcg 2005, his wins and his problems while competing.


Games Design/Games Industry

Second Skin

Second skin is about the addiction surrounding mmorpg games, the program interviews a small selection of extreme mmorpg players over a period of about 6 months to a year. It highlights the problems and benefits of these types of games, and makes some very interesting points about the real world vs the virtual world. You will find this enjoyable if you are interested in mmorpg, gaming addiction or psychology- it certainly changed the way i think about virtual worlds.


Blizzard Entertainment 20th Anniversary

Blizzard Entertainment 20th Anniversary coverts the last 20 years of blizzard, from how it was created up to Starcraft 2. A lot of founding members of Blizzard are interviewed and you get a real feeling for how things where for the developer back in the day. This one is mybe a little bit for blizzard fan boys, but it has alot of interesting facts and if you like blizzard games- you will love this documentary. In terms of presentation this is the best on the list.


Gaming Legend Sid Meier and His 48-Hour Game

This one if more of a mini documentary, running only 23mins. This is directed by the same guy who did ‘Second Skin’. Sid hold a competition where teams of programmers compete to build the best video game in 48 hours, Sid also enters as well. There is also alot of good interview material with Sid.


Into the Night with Jason Rohrer and Chris Crawford

Filmed at GDC 2009, this documentary films Jason and Chris talk about their views on games, the problem with the games industry at the moment and their own games they are currently tackling. This documentary is very raw and doesnt feel over produced at all, a very intresting watch.


Bungie: O Brave New World

The presentation of this is almost an exact copy of ‘Blizzard Entertainment 20th Anniversary’, it covers bungie’s past from devloping mac games, to their future without halo as an IP. Bungie made this documentary them selfs so you could say its for fan boys, but i found it enjoyable none the less.


Programming/Open Source

Revolution OS

If you have any interest in Linux or the open source movement then you NEED to watch this. Revolution OS covers the birth and development of Linux and as a reaction for the amount of propitiatory software that did not come with free source code. Richard Stallman and other important figures in the development of Linux and open source have a lot of interview material in here.


Code Rush

made in 1998, Code Rush follows the lifes of Netscape  employee’s as they release Mozillas code a open source project, you get a good insight to what it is like to be a programmer during ‘crunch time’. Even though this is more than a decade old, if you are intrested in programming, the open source movement or the history of Mozilla/Netscape you NEED to watch this.


Code Breakers

Code Breakers talks about the pro’s and con’s of open source software and FOSS in regurard to developing nations which cannot afford to buy propitiatory software like Microsoft Windows. It makes you realize how big open source software will soon be for developed nations as well as developing nations. This documentary isnt really for programmers, more for people interested in open source software.

Watch (part 1):

Watch (part 2):

p.s watch a documentary called ‘The Union’- its awesome and eye opening!


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